• Easy, all inclusive, and budget conscious travel arrangements and scheduling for all of your trips
  • Email filtering, so you see all of the important things and none of the junk.
  • Addressing/ sending the most thoughtful thank you cards and gifts
  • Creating impressive business forms and documents that will dazzle your clients
  • Online research, because you have better things to do
  • Creating efficient operating procedures and training materials that will give your business a guide on all of it’s features
  • Efficient organization for Google Drive/ Dropbox
  • Accurate data entry in multiple platforms
  • Calendar management. Let me be and set your reminders.
  • Appointment scheduling and aligning all of your events so that your day runs smoothly
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations just the way you like them without having to do them yourself
  • Time SAVING management of Social Media accounts and groups (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Scheduling posts that coordinate and have a cohesive look for your social media presence
  • Customer friendly service for all messages and inquiries
  • Upload pictures and videos whenever you are ready for the world to see you in action
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